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Little Liuqiu Green Sea Turtle Diving Traffic Information

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​public transportation

If you have a cooperative driver, you can call the driver by yourself and ask for a price

(You can also tell the driver directly that you are a customer who dives with green sea turtles!)
Please call the driver: Huang Yaozhang 0956978552 or 0986226232

Please call the driver: Tan Dongxin 0931728677 or 0988109713

​ by car to Donggang

Self-driving (southbound)

North/Central South Tourists in the north and central south can go south via National Highway No. 1, exit from Xiaogang Airport along Provincial Highway No. 17, and drive towards Donggang to arrive at Donggang Wharf.


Self-driving (northbound)

From Taitung and Kenting to Donggang, take Provincial Highway No. 26 from Kenting to Fangliao and Shuidiliao
Then follow Provincial Highway No. 17 to Linbian and Donggang, and then arrive at Donggang Wharf after arriving in Donggang.


boat information

Please go to Donggang to take a boat to Xiaoliuqiu:

After arriving at Donggang Wharf, transfer to a transportation boat to Xiaoliuqiu

(The sailing time is about 25 minutes)

The latest flight time can be confirmed on the official website:

The safest choice for the Xiaoliuqiu ferry - Dongliu Line Taifu Ferry (

Dongliu Line Transportation Passenger Boat Joint Operation Office (

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